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    Agricultural Drainage

    At KD Drainage, we aid agricultural properties throughout London, Kent and surrounding areas with all of their drainage requirements 24/7, 365 days a year. With more than 20 years of experience, our specialist engineers are prepared to deal with any drainage or plumbing issue.

    KD Drainage offers out of hours emergency callouts and a 2-hour response time to ensure that any drainage issue is fixed in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

    We work with a huge range of both domestic and commercial clients including restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, schools, colleges, universities, housing associations, letting agencies, hotels and care homes.

    Some of the commercial clients we work with include CBRE, Henry Boots Development, Lendlease, City FM, Kier, University College of London and more. With KD Drainage, you will receive the best possible service from our highly qualified, experienced engineers.

    Unblocking Services

    At KD Drainage, we are prepared to deal with any blockage emergency at any time of the day.

    In the instance that you experience any drainage or blockage issues, waste no time in calling us today on 01622 919012 or email info@kddaa.co.uk.

    We understand how damaging a leak can be for an agricultural property, particularly if the damaged pipework runs under the land where a flood could have detrimental effects. That’s why our drainage engineers cover a wide range of services when it comes to blockages using advanced high-pressure jetting equipment.

    Why Choose KD Drainage?

    With more than 20 years of experience and a low hourly rate, you can guarantee you are in safe hands with KD Drainage.

    We appreciate the importance of reducing the risk of flooding for an agricultural property, and so offer preventative planned drainage maintenance contracts. Our contracts reassure you that your drainage infrastructure is fully functioning all year round. These scheduled drainage checks help to take preventative measures, reducing the chances of the imminent destruction caused by a damaged drainage system.

    Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts

    We offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month planned preventative maintenance contracts. Our programmes offer you long-term protection from a damaged drainage system, ensuring drainage issues are tackled in the most efficient and economical way. On average, your drains and plumbing infrastructure should be checked 4 times a year.

    All drain maintenance, cleaning and repair work is carried out by our experienced drainage engineers. Our highly qualified, specialist engineers will carry out an extensive drain survey of your entire site, assessing problem areas and bringing these to your attention before they can lead to blockages. We then use our specialist high-pressure water jetting system and mechanical equipment to clean all ground drainage pipework, internal pipework and traps, road gullies, ACO channels and guttering, leaving all drains free of scale, fat, debris and silt build-up and ensuring a free-flowing drainage system.

    Our contracts are designed to cater for all your drainage and plumbing needs and can be arranged at a time that suits you best. KD Drainage offers this service to agricultural properties throughout London, Kent and surrounding areas.

    CCTV Surveys

    A CCTV drain survey is a detailed inspection of your drainage system. At KD Drainage, we use state-of-the-art CCTV surveying equipment to inspect your drains. The CCTV camera is inserted into the drain and gives our experienced engineers live feedback, allowing them to identify any damage or issues. After your CCTV survey is carried out, you will receive a detailed report using hi-tech reporting software. Our engineers can then offer you a fixed quote for any necessary work.

    It is vital to resolve any drainage issues as quickly as possible. A CCTV survey carried out by one of our specialist engineers can identify blockages, damage such as breaks or cracks in pipework, collapsed or fractured pipes, corrosion, tree root encroachment, animal infestations or signs of poorly installed pipework.

    Why choose a KD Drainage CCTV Drain Survey?

    • Highly experienced in CCTV surveys
    • 2-hour response time
    • All work guaranteed
    • High-quality service
    • Visual fault finding
    • Mapping of your entire drainage system
    • Recordable surveys to DVD

    We offer CCTV surveys to agricultural properties throughout the South East; London, Kent and surrounding areas.

    You can read more about our CCTV drainage surveys including the benefits and more, in KD Drainage’s blog post: ‘What are CCTV Drainage Surveys?’.

    Please see below a video of a KD Drainage CCTV survey.


    Drain Lining & Localised Structural Repair

    The process of drain relining attaches a new lining to the inside of an existing drainage pipe, creating a protective layer. This forms a coating that shields the pipe against any future damage such as cracks and other potential harm. Localised structure repair (LSR) uses the same process as drain relining but only a small portion of the pipework is repaired.

    If you wish to find out more detailed information about the difference between drain relining/LSR and traditional drain replacement, the method of drain relining and more, visit our drain relining and LSR in our blog posts.

    Benefits of Drain Relining & LSR

    The main benefits for our clients with agricultural properties is that both drain relining and LSR are cheaper and mess-free alternatives to traditional drain excavation methods. Unlike typical drain replacement, ground excavation is unnecessary due to the trenchless method used by our engineers at KD Drainage. This means it is unnecessary to dig up any land, which may have a damaging impact as a consequence. Alongside this, drain relining and LSR offer you long-term protection, both lasting up to 50 years.

    Drain Relining or LSR?

    • Drain relining is typically used for diameter ranges of 100mm to 1200mm.
    • LSR can be used on pipework with a diameter of 100mm to 450mm and a length of 1 metre.

    It is vital to have one of KD Drainage’s specialist engineers assess the damage of your pipe to ascertain whether drain relining or LSR is possible or whether the pipework needs to be replaced.

    If you are unsure whether you require LSR or drain relining contact us today! We offer drain relining and LSR throughout London and Kent to both domestic and commercial clients.

    Please see the before and after pictures of drain relining carried out by our engineers.

    Before Drain Relining

    Before Drain Relining

    After Drain Relining

    After Drain Relining

    Sewer Connections

    Sewer connections are vital in ensuring that all sewage and drainage waste is directed away from your building securely and efficiently, reducing the chances of a build-up of waste.

    A mains sewer connection is when the pipework from your property is connected to the main drainage system, transporting sewage from various locations to a sewage treatment plant.

    If you have a private drainage system (generally located in roads and footpaths), KD Drainage can connect this to the main drains. Your private drainage system must be connected to the main sewer or a treatment plant.

    In the instance that you do not have an on-site builder to install a private drain, KD Drainage are also able to provide this service.

    Benefits of Sewer Connections

    A connection to the main sewer system has reduced maintenance costs compared to a treatment plant. A connection to a main treatment plant needs to be maintained and cleaned out, typically at yearly intervals. With a main sewer connection, there is no need for this.

    At KD Drainage, our drainage experts have more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge in the installation of main sewer connections.

    Process of a Sewer Connection

    The first step of the installation of a new sewer connection would be a free-of-charge site visit by one of our specialist engineers to ascertain the site requirements and location of your drains.

    On your behalf, we would then request a drainage plan from the local water authorities- a CCTV survey of your drainage infrastructure may be required. Once a proposed plan has been drawn up, we can then apply for the sewer connection to be made. After this is approved, we then organise the job from start to finish, this is inclusive of all required road/footpath closures, diversion routes and all road applications to the local authorities.

    At KD Drainage, our engineers hold the required NRSWA certification, allowing us to fully deliver these projects to the highest standard possible.

    If you are an agricultural property located in London, Kent or surrounding areas and would like to talk about your options in more detail, waste no time in contacting KD Drainage today.

    Please see below images of sewer connection work carried out by KD Drainage.

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