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    Bluelight Lining & LED Pipe Relining

    What is Bluelight Pipe Relining?

    Bluelight drain relining is a new and cost-effective method used to repair damaged or deteriorating underground pipes without the need for extensive excavation. It involves inserting a flexible liner coated with a special resin into the existing pipe. Once inserted, the liner is inflated and moulded to the interior of the pipe, creating a new, seamless inner layer.

    This process effectively seals cracks, leaks, and other defects, restoring the structural integrity of the drain without the disruption of traditional digging methods.

    KD Drainage and Asbestos is one of the only drainage companies in the South East that offers Bluelight Lining services to our customers.

    Bluelight lining provides an effective and time-efficient solution to the issues typically involved in pipe relining with less mess, hassle or cost.

    For more information about bluelight drain lining, call us on 01622 919012.

    Key Benefits

    • No Excavation Required
    • Less Disruption & Downtime
    • Cures Broken Bends & Joints
    • Continuous Section – No Potential Weak Spots at Joins
    • All Types of Pipe Can Be Relined
    • Improved Flow
    • Tree Root Resistant

    How is Bluelight Lining Different?

    Bluelight is the newest method of curing relining installations.

    Bluelight is the go-to system for relining drainage systems and smaller wastewater pipes.

    Utilising innovative technology, it features LEDs which operate in the wavelength of blue light (450 nm), while the liner-carrier is based on flexible felt complete with a durable PU coating or PAA-G glass liner.

    The resin is formulated with a styrene-free and odour-free vinyl ester product, featuring a patented photo-initiator.

    This initiator is specifically designed to react solely to the wavelength of the light-heads’ 450nm LEDs.

    Altogether, these components ensure a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that can effectively handle your wastewater projects with ease.

    Bluelight offers the advantages of felt carriers along with light cure, guaranteeing that your small diameter wastewater pipe projects consistently flow smoothly.

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    Benefits of Bluelight Pipe Lining

    Rapid Curing

    In the bluelight lining process the resin within the liner cures much quicker than traditional relining methods.

    This typically dries within a matter of minutes, expediting the repair process, thus reducing downtime and minimising disruption.

    There is also the possibility to check the liner before curing using the integrated camera on the LED head.

    Enhanced Durability

    The UV process creates a strong bond between the liner and the existing pipe.

    This results in long-term durability and a seamless, watertight seal that is highly resistant to various forms of drainage damage including leaks, cracks and root infestation.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Bluelight lining doesn’t require the use of heat or chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly solution for drainage repair.


    Bluelight lining is extremely versatile and can be used to repair a wide range of different pipe materials, sizes, bends and junctions.

    This versatility makes it suitable for various applications and allows us to work with both domestic customers, and large-scale commercial projects.

    The liner installation is 2 to 5 times more efficient causing less disruption to the properties we are working at.

    Low Space Requirement

    Low space requirements on site allowing us to complete the required repairs in restricted spaces.

    Call in the experts on 01622 919012 to get your pipes relined.

    Working with the Bluelight Lining team allows us to overcome issues using simple, safe, and stress free CIPP lining solutions using the latest in technology.

    Thanks to the advanced Bluelight system, our team are able to line the most complicated systems with no issues in just a few hours.

    For more information about our bluelight drain relining service, please call us on 01622 919012.

    Case Study

    Project Background

    KD Drainage and Asbestos were engaged by our client Axis Europe PLC to enable a CCTV survey of all accessible drains at 6 tower blocks in Essex, after analysis of the internal report it was clear the rain water pipes has succumbed to deterioration, due to disruption to residents CIPP was the chosen as the method of repair.

    The Challenge

    Lining the vertical rain water pipes from 14+ stories up was a logical issue, getting the equipment up onto the roof in a safe manner.

    Our Solution

    The BlueLight system & PAA-F inversion liner was nominated to be used to rehabilitate x 6 lengths of 150mm PF (pitch fibre) rain water pipes.

    Internal measurements were taken to confirm pipe diameter and line lengths, after which a liner design was carried out between KD Drainage and Asbestos and their material supplier to ensure the liners could cope with structural and hydraulic tolerances.

    Mast climber platforms were used to safely get all the required equipment onto the roof space, allowing the works to be completed. On completion of the site setup the pre-lining CCTV surveys were carried out along with lateral measurements.

    The Result

    All liners were installed & cured to specification, laterals re-opened, post CCTV surveys done and site strip down. The whole project was completed safely, minimal disruption, on time and in budget.

    Call us on 01622 919012 & speak to us about bluelight lining.


    What lengths can be cured?

    The standard length of a pipe that can be cured are up to 100m, however we have the ability to work with longer lengths if required.

    What types of pipes can be repaired with blue light lining?

    Bluelight lining can be used to repair various types of drainage pipework including PVC, clay, concrete, and cast iron. Due to its versatility, it can also be used on a wide variety of diameters.

    How long does a blue light lining repair last?

    A Bluelight lining repair can typically last for several decades, providing long-term protection to your drainage system and pipes.

    Is blue light lining suitable for all types of pipe damage?

    Whilst Bluelight lining can be used to repair many different types of drainage damage from cracks and leaks to root intrusion, it may not be suitable for severely collapsed or misaligned pipes. Our friendly, experienced technicians are able to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the feasibility of blue light lining for specific cases and guide you on any further steps necessary.

    Can blue light lining be used for both residential and commercial properties?

    We offer our Bluelight lining services to both residential properties and large commercial customers including Whitbread. Give us a call today for more information!

    Reasons to Choose Bluelight for CIPP Projects

    • Utilising innovative LED equipment with liners from a single source, Bluelight lining helps get it right, the first time and every time.
    • Putting safety at the forefront, it combines environmentally-friendly resin with odourless, low-emission technology. Bluelight can save between 90% to 99% CO2 compared to heat curing systems.
    • Offering an impressive lifespan of half a century, Bluelight lining is the result of 13 years development.
    • Ensuring a high-quality result, the Bluelight process is technology-approved by the WRC (Water Research Centre) and the DIBt (German Civil Engineering Institute).
    • More then 90,000 installations using Bluelight LED light curing systems and counting – have been completed in Europe. Installation time is minimal, too, with a smooth and stress free set up from start to finish.