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    London Cesspit Emptying

    Cesspit Experts Across London

    With in excess of 20 years of experience in emergency water treatment assistance and cost-effective services, it’s no surprise Kent Drainage are seen asone of the highest trusted drainage companies covering London.

    We provide professional cesspool draining, installation, servicing, maintenance, and repairs to both domestic and corporate customers.

    We build all types of foul drainage systems including cesspits, cesspools, sewage treatment plants, soakaways, pumping stations, soakaways and rainwater harvesting tanks to name a few.

    If you have an enquiry about cesspit emptying, contact our team asap on 01622 919012.

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    • Cesspit Emptying
    • Cesspit Installation
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    • Cesspit Repairs
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    What is a Cesspit?

    A cesspit is a sealed, undercover storage container that receives wastewater and sewage.

    A cesspit guides your building's wastewater into a high-capacity chamber that can keep a high volume of wastewater, providing you a long-term, dependable drainage system.

    A cesspool is a solitary chamber, typically made from brick or concrete.

    Dissimilar to a septic tank, there's no processing or treatment of the effluent liquid and wastewater in the container.

    It is sometimes regarded as an unfashionable method of waste disposal, and dates back to the Roman era!

    Why Do Cesspits Overflow?

    Over time, the sewage and wastewater in a cesspool deposits at the base of the tank, which will constantly fill up.

    Therefore, the sewage and wastewater gathered in the chamber should be cleared regularly.

    Understandably, it's important to get the waste emptied from your cesspool.

    Call in the experts on 01622 919012 to get your cesspit emptied.

    How Often Should My Cesspit Be Emptied?

    How often your cesspit needs emptying depends on the size of the unit, the size of the building and how many people are using it.

    For example, some cesspools only need to be pumped once a year. But, others may need to be cleared every season, or every 6 months.

    Your cesspit can generally be discovered by sliding off the manhole cover.

    If you recently moved in to a new residence, it may be best to ask the previous tenants how often they had it cleaned.

    If you need expert advice, call us today on 01622 919012 to speak to one of our qualified crew.

    The only way to get rid of the wastewater and sewage in your cesspool is by booking a licensed sewage professional to remove it, such as Kent Drainage.

    With our experience of all sewage systems, we can provide you a cost competitive solution to pumping your cesspool.

    We offer a straightforward, professional service - so you know you can count on us!

    Cesspit Emptying & Clearing

    At Kent Drainage, our team of experienced engineers can clear any size cesspit for both commercial and residential customers, including farming properties.

    We will not be defeated on our price and offer regular, cesspit emptying price plans at affordable rates.

    Our engineers are qualified at carrying out cesspool emptying in line with all government health legislation such as the Health and Safety Act.

    We offer a high-quality service with minimal inconvenience and remove waste from all types of sewage tanks.

    Determined by these factors, your cesspool may need emptying every month, quarter, or year.

    It's vital that your cesspit is cleared to prevent the collection of waste, blockages, and potential flooding, leading to costly damage.

    We can empty your cesspit at a time that accommodates you! We're available to help you 24/7 and offer emergency response.

    Our services include:

    • Cesspit Clearance
    • Cesspit High-Pressure Jetting
    • Cesspit CCTV Surveys
    • Cesspit Inspections

    After sucking the sewage and wastewater from your cesspit, we offer high-pressure water jetting to ensure the tank is left in a clean condition.

    We also offer cesspit CCTV surveys and a service to pinpoint any problems that may need urgent attention.

    A service includes a proper clean down, high=pressure jet washing and advice on cesspit maintenance, and can be carried out alongside cesspool emptying services.

    Concluding the CCTV survey, service or cesspool emptying work has been completed, Kent Drainage will provide a solution to any problems at a competitive price.

    Kent Drainage is a reputable licensed waste carrier with unbeatable prices and emergency callouts.

    Call in the experts on 01622 919012 to get your cesspit emptied.

    Cesspits vs Septic Tanks

    In the drainage field, naturally existing waste-degrading aerobic bacteria diffuses any remaining waste, enabling the water to be naturally recharged.

    A septic tank is considered a more advanced cesspit. Similar to a sewage treatment plant, a septic tank is used to treat wastewater and sewage through biological break down.

    Septic tanks can be placed in households, as well as placed in industrial buildings to treat wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms.

    Put simply, a septic tank is a rectangular watertight container that contains two compartments, separated by a barrier, and is installed underground.

    Septic tanks are typically installed in agricultural settings.

    This is because in cities and towns wastewater is usually transferred and dealt with by a sewage system that's maintained by a local water company.

    A septic tank is made up of two compartments.

    The first chamber is typically known as the 'settling chamber' and receives wastewater from an inlet pipe. In this chamber, lighter solids, oils, and grease rise to the top of the water.

    Sewage waste is drawn to the bottom where this is biodegraded by natural occurring bacteria.

    The remaining liquid flows into the second chamber, and then out of the tank into the drainage ground.

    The solid waste left at the bottom of the septic tank needs to be removed periodically as part of regular maintenance by a registered waste carrier, such as KD Drainage.

    Both septic tanks and cesspits collect wastewater and sewage and store it.

    With a cesspool, there's no processing or treatment of the sewage.

    However, septic tanks use a simple treatment process that enables the water to escape from the container.

    In contrast, cesspits do not filter any waste as they're lined with cement and stone. If left full for too long, they can pollute the surrounding grounds.

    There are no outlets in a cesspit, meaning the waste sits inside the tank, however there is piping to release the fumes that build up over time.

    Cesspools require pumping more often than septic tanks and are often seen as a temporary wastewater system.

    In some instances, cesspits can be set up with an alarm that alerts the owner when the tank is at maximum capacity and needs extracting.

    However, this must be done by professionals, such as our drainage engineers, as cesspits emit hazardous gases when the lid is opened.

    Call in the experts on 01622 919012 to get your cesspit emptied.

    Why Use Us?

    At Kent Drainage, we offer cost-effective"affordable, professional drainage solutions to domestic and corporate customers throughout London.

    With over 20 years in business, we are equipped to deal with any drainage emergency, using state-of-the-art equipment.

    Our professional, skilled experts work on a range of commercial sites including schools, restaurants, universities, bars, hotels, hospital, cafes, cinemas, shopping centres, residential homes and more.

    We also have the skills and equipment to move any type of drain in agricultural properties.

    We are committed to assisting our customers any time of day and provide our services 24/7 with out-of-hours emergency callouts.

    With no call-out fees and a 2 hour turn around time, it’s obvious why Kent Drainage are one of the most trusted drainage companies serving London.

    In the case of an emergency during out of office hours call 07388 263315 for help

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    We also empty cesspits across Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex.

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