Exciting Year So Far

It has been a busy and exciting year so far at Kent Drainage from helping a well-known Rap Star with his blocked toilet to potentially appearing on the BBC.

The year has started well for us in the drain cleaning industry with the winter floods a lot of people fell foul of flooded gullies that had been blocked by leaves and could not physically take the amount of water falling from the sky.  Using our drain jetting high-pressure equipment we managed to help a lot of domestic clients and companies unblock gullies and drains in the Kent area.

Kent Drainage has been asked to appear on BBC Watchdog as the Good Guys who foiled an attempt to extort a care home in Ashford.  A local drainage company in Kent had tried to charge the customer nearly £17,000 claiming that they had jetted the foul waste line and after a drainage CCTV survey, had found the line had collapsed and needed replacing.   After growing suspicious the customer called Kent Drainage for a second opinion.   Not only had the other “drainage specialist” charged £700 to unblock the outside drain which they had not  done, after undertaking our own CCTV survey we found the line to be intact and nothing wrong.  Our final price on this particular job was £120 for a jetting and CCTV survey, a slight £16,880 saving from the original quote viagra pour acheter.  We hope that viewers will see our drainage services are not only very reasonably priced but that we are an honest company who will see our customers right.

We have noticed the increase in domestic blocked sinks lately.   Using our specialist machines we can carry out the drain clearance process by breaking down the fat in the U-Bend and in turn, unblock the drain.  Now the warmer weather is starting to arrive you will notice blocked outside drains tend to be less of a problem and customers need us to clear a clogged toilet, clogged shower drain or a clogged sink.   The warmer weather usually brings a foul smell appearing out of these areas.  We have all the drainage solutions to deal with these problems, so if you are affected by any thing mentioned in this article please call on 01622 919012

Whether it be to unblock a drain pipe or a blocked sewer drain we always ask our customers to give any kind of feedback, good or bad.  Our customer feedback has told us that some drainage companies are charging customers to use different machines when onsite.  We have had some great feedback informing us that our standard hourly rate system is much preferable, as customers know where they stand with the pricing.   Customers it seems do not want an increased bill when the CCTV Drain Camera is used to check the line is clear at the end of the job.  By using Kent Drainage rest assured this all comes in our hourly rate and there are no hidden charges.

After helping several schools clear blocked drains during the heavy flooding in Kent.

We are starting a new Drainage Maintenance program for Schools, Restaurants, pubs and other small businesses. We will offer drainage cleaning services to all external outside drains, outside gullies, drain pipes, guttering, toilets, sinks and sewage drains.   Plus an additional drainage site map and survey of the existing system.

This survey can be of a massive advantage and save a vast amount of money if any damage is found to existing underground drain services.   We can now provide a drain relining service or patch service and avoid excavating and replacing pipe-work causing disruption to the site.

We offer a range of drainage solutions and CCTV camera surveys for a very reasonable rate.

Details can be found on our website or by emailing info@kentdrainage.co.uk

If you have a blocked drain in Kent or are in need of any of our services listed on our website please do not hesitate to call on 01622 919012.